ATTENTION all witches, wizards, goblins, & yes, even you non-magical folk!

We are exceptionally charmed to proclaim the grand return of an elixir so deviously delightful our fellow wizards from the house of Central State felt compelled to brew it for the first time since it’s original unveiling at the great Costume Ball of October 2016!

Polyjuice Potion, a sour ale with elderberries, plums, & magical bits & bobbles will be released at The Society of Sordid Sorcery within the walls of Emporium Popups (2367 N Milwaukee Ave) beginning the evening of Friday the 6th day of April & will be made available to all who seek it thereafter until the potion barrels run dry.

This enchanted release event will take place in an interactive exhibition of the darker, more deviant side of the magical world. Witches & wizards will be able to view bewitched antiquities & oddities, watch master potions makers create whimsical elixirs, & perhaps even run into a fantastic beast or two!

For the first week of the release event, each evening the Society of Sordid Sorcery is open a select group of witches & wizards will be granted priority access to this interactive release event by enrolling in an advanced potions making course on the evening of their choosing.

Polyjuice Potion draught will be available for witches & wizards to enjoy in house along with other potions from Central State, as well as handcrafted elixirs designed to charm even the most anti-magical habitué. Polyjuice Potion will also be able to be procured, in limited quantity, in secured potion containment devices to be taken out into the non-magical world.

No witch or wizard under the age of twenty-one will be granted access to this release event & is hereby forbidden from performing magic on the premises until they are of age.

The Society of Sordid Sorcery will accept guests Monday through Friday from six o’clock in the evening until two o’clock in the morning, Saturday from twelve o’clock in the afternoon until three o’clock in the morning, & Sunday from twelve o’clock in the afternoon until two o’clock in the morning.

The Society of Sordid Sorcery & beer release event are not associated with the non-magical parties that control the rights to a certain bespectacled boy wizard & his other friends who must not be named. As such, we kindly request that nobody spoils the magic for all the witches & wizards wishing to experience this project by casting errant spells that would suggest otherwise.

Yours respectfully,
Headmaster, Emporium Popups