Mission: Wild Hare 4 is a fusion of true hip hop culture, from mic control to visual arts. In the spirit of hip hop, Wild Hare is a celebration of diversity and musical enlightenment. This is also an event to promote musicians who embody the spirit the bebop* culture.

Previous Wild Hare stages have featured the likes of Bop Alloy, SABA, NO NAME, TOMORROW KINGS, TERRA GODZ, Me!, Adam Ness, and Defcee. In that tradition, we proudly present our features:

J Bambii : https://soundcloud.com/j-bambii

Elephant Rebellion- http://www.elephantrebellion.org/

The Microphone Misfitz: https://themicrophonemisfitz.bandcamp.com/

Brittany Nacole – https://soundcloud.com/brittanynacole

Erzulie- https://erzulie.bandcamp.com/