white mystery funtacular

Turn up your holidays with all the bells and whistles at the White Mystery ‘Winter Funtacular!’

Games, give-ways, gifts, slime-making with the Museum of Contemporary Art, a retro photo booth with Pabst Blue Ribbon, DIY fun with Ilegal Mezcal, pinball with Dead Flip, a live vocal choir with the Blue Ribbon Glee Club, and the ultimate place to shop for your friends & fam!

The event is free to enter, and for ages 21 and older.

•First 50 people receive a complimentary drink ticket and arcade tokens
•First 150 people receive a free pass to the Museum of Contemporary Art

Pabst Blue Ribbon, Ilegal Mezcal, Dead Flip, Museum of Contemporary Art

Blue Ribbon Glee Club, DJ E2H2, White Mystery DJs, Pinball wizard Jack Danger

Lost Girls Vintage, Sencillo Vintage, Think Unique, Wybo Design, ShopConcentrate, Rachie Jenn Originals, Girl Fawkes Pins, Mojo Owl, Limba Gal Jewelry, Creativ Peace, Greetings By Jenny, Mixtape Your Life, Rhymes with Twee, Honey Girl Vintage, Twenty Thou, Range Life Shop, StephxStitch, E.E.Mercantile & Co., Soothsayer Hot Sauce, Morbid Orchid Co., Harnesses by Emma Alamo, Little Alice, Madre Monte, Crystal Gravy, Found Indiana, Ace High Vintage, Sun Baby Tarot, Diane Alexander White Photography, Museum of Contemporary Art