Tune in Tuesdays at Emporium Wicker Park, November 26th!

Doors 8p / Show 9p / Free / 21+

PETE CAUTIOUS – exists in a bizarro indie soft rock world, slowly burning shimmering guitars over a crackling synth dumpster fire. It is deceptively simple music, with strange harmonies and textures, but always anchored by a melody that takes you somewhere. Maybe a sun bleached Stevie Ray Vaughn playing on an acid warped Billy Idol tune…..

Pete and his band are veterans of the Chicago scene, having played in too many bands to list (Hanalei, Archaeology, and Bear the Bell are some honorable mentions). Through the years, Pete has got to open for some great bands, like Tobacco, Karate, Russian Circles, and more. If sleeping on floors was worth anything, he wouldn’t need a credit card anymore.

BIG SYN – New Chicago four-piece BIG SYN is formulated from members of Conductive Alliance and The New World Ancients. Like those now-defunct groups, BIG SYN aims to explore the outer reaches of our galaxy with exhilarating, anything-goes sonic experimentation.

Blips and bleeps intertwine with vocal loops and pretty synthesizer leads over deep and tight poly-rhythmic grooves. Ranging from contemplative to unruly, the kitchen sink is front and center in this all-encompassing barrage of sound.