Tune in Tuesdays at Emporium Wicker Park – October 22nd

Free to Attend – 21+ – Doors 8p – Show – 9p

Late Nite Laundry –  is a jazzy, psych-rock five piece based in Chicago, IL. The members of Late Nite Laundry create beautifully dynamic pieces that utilize the unique elements of each member’s talent. Smooth and silky vocals by Kaitlin Logan, clever and fluid guitar by Ari Lindo, drippy and full basslines from Emily Burlew, powerful and lively keys from Brenden Cabrera and complex and inventive drums by Alex Santilli all make up the uniqueness and richness of this group’s sound.

Bum Chic – The balance between grime and glamour.

Fay Ray – (formerly Church Booty) has evolved. With 8 moving parts topped by the electric vocals of Mariel Fechik, the Chicago band’s funk and jazz influence grows into a character all its own. Fay Ray’s debut EP “No Love,” released Oct 2017, brings the band’s chemistry and collaboration into the spotlight, with 4 diverse tracks that explore the intricacy of romantic relationships. Moving forward, Fay Ray confidently steps into their new identity. Keep an eye out for their upcoming 2019 releases.