Tune in Tuesday’s Free Music Series at Emporium Wicker Park!

Doors 8p / Show 9p

AXONS – Axons’ forthcoming album, I Object to Everything, is inspired by the true story of how two federal prisoners, Joseph Banks and Ken Conley, escaped from the Metropolitan Correctional Center in downtown Chicago by rappelling 17 stories down the side of the building on ropes fashioned from braided bedsheets sewn together with dental floss on an icy December night in 2012

FURY– has dedicated herself to creating music with a message of hope, strength, and most of all passion. For the past twenty years there has been a steady decline in the number of women in mainstream Hip-Hop. In an industry of hypersexualized and misogynistic music coming from both men and women FURY has made a commitment to be true to herself and her fans. Her lyrics focus on social issues such as crime , violence, and the mistreatment of women in personal relationships. Her style of rap has been compared to artist such as Queen Latifah, Lauryn Hill, and Tupac Shakur. With lyrical speed and vocal power FURY has given performances throughout Chicago that has left audiences captivated and in awe screaming for more.

CAT DAIQUIRI – is Sarah Sterling (Videotape, Astrobrite), Steve Rajewski (Canada, Little Midnight) and Graham Bauerle (Carbon Dioxide). Steve and Sarah found each other in the ether in the spring of 2014 and started working on music together. A few short months later Graham, newly arrived from DC, joined on bass. They had drinks together at a Tiki bar, and thus, Cat Daiquiri came to be

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Emporium Arcade Bar
1366 N. Milwaukee Ave