Free show in the venue at Emporium Wicker Park.

The Congregation (Chicago)
This eight piece outfit from Chicago is all raw grit and soul. Led by wailing front woman Gina Bloom, The Congregation kicks your door down with raucous horns, a rock and soul rhythm section and high-intensity guitar solos. From heart-stirring ballads to hip shaking soul jams, this band will leave you with a tear in your eye and sweat at your feet.

Virginia Violet and the Rays (Detroit)
Spawned in the spirit of Detroit 1966, Virginia Violet and the Rays are here to bring Motown into to the 21st century with a fresh take on a classic sound. Lead by Virginia’s driving and distinct vocal style, the group proliferates an intoxicating energy reminiscent of the days when Otis Redding and Martha Reeves reign supreme.