Monday, July 8th / 1366 N. Milwaukee Ave / 21+ / Doors 8pm / Show 8:30pm / $5

Tara Terra x Little Church Co-Headlining Show at Emporium Wicker Park!

Tara Terra

Tara Terra, indie rock band from Chicago and Champaign, IL, doesn’t settle down. Since their debut album “Daughter” in 2014, they’ve toured the U.S. twice, appeared on Audiotree Live, and played consistently packed shows in their home cities. Their unique mix of dynamic guitar textures and eclectic pop vocals (think Maggie Rogers or Phox) is just the beginning, with a new album coming your way in 2017. For now, catch their infectious indie vibes through their Daytrotter session (via Paste Magazine), The Huffington Post, Do 312, and Daytrotter’s Top 100 Songs.

Little Church

Little Church, the pop/soul/noise band from Chicago, took its name as a quote from a book that ultimately transformed into a metaphor for the band that occupies that name. Through their music, Little Church has connected spiritually and created a small congregation together. Bassist Christian Whiting explains that “[They’re] fairly tight-knit and thinks through the band were able to attain some spiritual fulfillment and we’re really just one microscopic and localized part of the connection that the whole world has with music.”

Once the band was fully formed, Little Church started coalescing their sound to what they now describe as “a smattering of art pop, rawk, soul, and gentle, gentle Eskimo kisses by a bear-shaped robot that can’t control its voltage.” The inspiration and process for their writing and sound is a shared effort between Chelsea and Christian, often with a focus on the interplay between vocal melodies and bass countermelodies. Christian shares that they “primarily write songs built around vocals and bass and then built from there.” This allows them to highlight the primary movement and counterpoints before building the rhythms and textures. Not to be completely premeditative, the band still allows for spontaneous and unexpected elements to find way into their writing by capturing effortless, fun and improvised moments that eventually get refined.

Late Night Laundry

Jazzy rock 5 piece from chicago perm pressin’ some clean tunez