Stampy is Kevin Campbell (bass, vocals), Sean Briskey (guitar, vocals), Charles Williams (keys, guitar, vocals), Jamie Dull (drums, vocals), and Ian Engels (guitar, vocals). They are a mutation of several Chicago-scene bands. The diversity of musical styles combined with the longstanding friendships of Stampy’s members contributes to a new and upcoming flavor of music that has been served to Chicago audiences since early 2016.

Stampy’s sound is produced by an eclectic cast of musicians from Chicago who have played in groups such as In La Kesh, SMOKER, The Great Sky Band, Doug Shotwell and the Right Hand Band, The Dancehall Twigs, The Dropper, The Localvores, Electric Villain and The Blind Staggers. With influences spanning multiple genres and artists, Stampy’s original material travels many musical avenues. From soulful grooves to high energy dual guitar solos, Stampy brings a versatile set to the table that is sure to please a variety of palates.

February 6th, 2016 saw Stampy take the stage together for the first time. Their debut was at Chicago’s legendary Double Door alongside great bands Ode and Pet Peeve. Since then Stampy has played many amazing venues such as Chicago’s Tonic Room, Martyrs’, Reggie’s, and Emporium Arcade Bar. They performed at the 2016 Blottopia festival, as well as the 2017 Winter Hotel Blotto festival. Stampy will be playing in the Illinois region throughout 2017 including neighboring states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana.