HEAR YE, HEAR YE. Robot Riot is going medieval! Our competitors will be divided into four colored courts to vie for the favor of Queen Nico, in addition to prizes and glory! Who’s gonna take the throne this time? Do you think Emporium will let us bring a horse for dressage and jousting?

Robot Riot is the backyard wrestling of robotics. Tabletop-sized robots win fame and glory by either destroying their opponents or winning the hearts of the crowd. Glitter cannons will fire off against swinging hammers in hot robot on robot action. No robot? No problem! We’ll have some loaner robots on standby for lucky guests to pilot!

Check out some of our previous events on our Youtube page:

Entry is free but limited to people ages 21+.

Interested in participating? Email us at RobotRiotCompetition@Gmail.com