NO COVER // 21+ // 8PM //  1366 N MILWAUKEE AVE

Preachervan with Tyler Sjöström

Preachervan (Atlanta)
(RIGHT NOW), three and a half years before the end of the world, rushing in atop a giant (EXPLICIT ADJECTIVE) tornado, the (PREACHERVAN) have arrived, with an album of new songs about (NOUN) and (NOUN). The band is composed of two (WORD FOR REDNECK RELATIVES), reputed to have been conceived in a hailstorm during the largest trailer fire of the century, and two other (DEROGATORY TERM FOR WHITE PEOPLE), both former Jesus impersonators with the Father Hanna Traveling Holy Land Extravaganza—with such divine origins, it is no surprise that the band spends little time, as we say, ‘Finding Their Sound’—they simply create it.

Behind the (MUSIC INDUSTRY WORD FOR MUSIC) is a (POSITIVE ADJECTIVE) force that tosses grooves around like ocean waves and blends genres fluidly, with a keen respect both for the music of the (NOSTALGIA-EVOKING MUSICAL DECADE)–the depth of the blues, the energy and abandon of rock–and for the awful pop music of our horrible modern times. This is all new, man, with songs that capture the transience of our age while hugging the mind and body solidly in a moment of present abandon. However, as we all know by now, we don’t have much time left. What is here today will not be tomorrow.

Tyler Sjöström
Tyler Sjöström (aka TYSJö aka Gregg) makes folk music. He makes pop music. He makes a mean bourbon on the rocks. He resides in Chicago-land… not Chicago. His solo sets grip you with fear and intrigue. His voice rips you asunder and then rebuilds you into something better. He will forget your name, but your face… it’s all he thinks about.