Paul Johnson
Adonis L Tfu
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Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, the birthplace of house music, Paul Johnson, started making waves in the music community at the early age of thirteen. In the summer of 1984, Paul Johnson taught himself how to spin after watching his cousin Marc spin and scratch in his bedroom. As a self taught artist, Paul’s pulsating energy and passion are apparent in all his work. In high school while his peers were holding down after school jobs, Paul was a popular radio DJ. Raw talent, dedication and a deep love for house music have made Paul Johnson one of the most sought after DJ’s in the world.

Paul Johnson’s musical resume is both extensive and impressive; he released his first record in 1990 titled, “Overload” on Dance Mania Records. During this time, Paul quickly made a name for himself as a producer, responsible for many of the now famous DJ/Producers that we all know and love. Paul’s innovative and inspiring production work gained industry recognition as the go to guy. Paul has released over 200 E.P’s himself as well as a vast amount of music for some of the most consistently underground dance labels, all prior to signing with Peacefrog Records. Paul also boasts 12″ releases on the likes of Cajual / Relief and Dance Mania which led to his debut album release, “Bump Talkin”, in 1994. “Bump Talkin” and the follow up release, “Feel The Music”, became two of the most talked about releases of their time.

In 1998, Paul Johnson released his dance floor killer “Get Get Down” which sold over 3 million copies worldwide. “Get Get Down” was an international mega hit; its smooth melodic beats could be heard in clubs from Chicago to Ibiza, quickly gaining crossover success. Paul achieved record book notoriety, earning him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records, for the most said word in a song. “Get Get Down” was also licensed on more than 100 CD and house compilations worldwide. Since good music stands the test of time, “Get Get Down” still has an infectious body moving effect on dance floors all over the world. With Paul Johnson you receive electrifying performances and an unwavering commitment to excellence crediting him the respect of both fans and peers alike.

Paul Johnson unsurpassed crowd pleasing capabilities have made him one of the best DJ’s to come out of Chicago, packing dance floors all over the planet. This living legend doesn’t seem ready to stop anytime soon, his remix work for Destiny’s Child, Jon B, Ce Ce Peniston, Daft Punk, D.J Sneak, K-Alexi, Stacy Kidd, Joey Beltram, Green Velvet, Armando and Ron Trent, just to name a few have made its way into all the big jocks boxes and remain there to this day. His distinctive rhythmic and soulful sound is what keeps house music fans craving for more. As a seasoned artist, Paul Johnson has released singles which all have made it to many countries top 50 billboard’s and higher. Continuing to do what he was born to do, in February 2010 Paul released “Sound of P.J.” on Mindtravel Recordings Italy and “World Feel It – So Much” on Sonrisa Records Australia. His latest releases are already satisfying his enormous yet growing fan base and are being played in clubs nationwide. “He’s a hit making machine” say’s Yello Records CEO Bob Sinclair and he’s shown so many artists the way. Much respect to everything that Paul Johnson has done and is going to do for house music.

Sir Mel Hammond is a Chicago based DJ, producer and sound
engineer. A prolific performer and artist. His knowledge and
talents blend a variety of obscure samplings, transformations and
engineering techniques to deliver a unique style of House.
For over twenty years he has been exploring music production in
order to produce numerous vocal and turntable effects and a
wide variety of post-Industrial tracks and House remixes that have
left music lovers educated and entertained since the early 90s.
Having played myriad clubs in Chicago as well as touring
the US with Poi Dog Pondering and performing in Japan, France
and Croatia, Mel still remains strongly rooted in the Chicago
dance music scene.

Adonis Childs aka Free the sheep from the True Family Unit. Has been working the Mid-West underground scene in Chicago IL USA. His unique style with the events he does has deemed him the name “Prince of the underground’.Adonis has locked down his music for many years making it a must come to hear it. The warehouse and loft events of TRUE FAMILY UNIT. He started out in the 90s rave movement doing LIVE PA sets. Later going with the easier road playing wax.When it was accessible for him to play more of his tracks on CDJs. The movement was a clear step for distinguishing his sound from other dj’s around the way. Adonis wishes he had put music out back in the 90’s like most had done , looking back on it now.His music is a clear gateway into this Chicago Underground artist soul. Free the sheep is his alias for his art work. Adonis feels he cant be locked in a box with music styles. He has so many different life experiences that can’t be contained in to one genre. So his mission has been to open the closed mind of those who can’t go deep to find tracks that have meaning.Music should come from the soul ,Some are doing it to get there next rent check having little care for meaning .they become a monkey act for the sheep or maybe they were a sheep that saw opportunity as a herder. Playing whatever the sheep are used to hearing.becoming a COPY OF A COPY of a copy type !!! We all know these people.Adonis said ,”he has a heart of gold ” but a bit of a music snob! look out for his video work ,photos and of course music.

Derek Specs birthed from the 90s Chicago rave scene has contributed to underground dance music for the past 18 years. His current vehicle is Chicago’s Primary night club thriving in the Gold coast. Derek selects the top underground talent of the globe making Primary a known force to be reckoned with. When he’s not curating his own club he prefers to throw down at others and or a good old loft party or warehouse.
In addition he launched Twist & Fader Studios in 2015 with music store, multi-room studio, live stream dj lounge/arcade, and full service AV company. His force has never stopped driving the music culture of Chicago since 1997.