not so rare day

Every year on Black Friday, Goose Island unleashes a fury of barrel aged liquid black gold upon the world. Two weeks after this cosmic event, on Friday, December 7th @ 3pm, Emporium will be unleashing our very own fury of Goose Island’s precious bottled elixirs upon our patrons at our Logan Square location!

For the 2nd time ever, Emporium Logan Square is proud to present…


On this fateful day, we will be offering the entire lineup of 2018 Goose Island Bourbon County Brand along with multiple vintages of Bourbon County Brand Stout, vintage BCS variants, and a hyper-limited amount of 2015 RARE Bourbon County Stout!

– NO bottles will be sold before 3pm
– NO bottles will be available “TO GO” because we do not possess a “cash & carry” license. Blame the City of Chicago, not us please!
– ALL bottles will be OPENED upon purchase by an Emporium staff member ONLY!
– Because we have such a limited quantity of 2015 RARE, we will be doing a raffle system to sell these bottles. Everybody will be given ONE raffle ticket upon entry & the raffle will happen around 5pm. Winners will be able to purchase ONE bottle to share with whomever they choose.
– YES, if you win the Rare Raffle, you can take the bottle/box home with you, as long as the bottle is completely EMPTY! NO exceptions!

bourbon county bottle release