Modern Vices
Self-proclaimed dirty doo-wop, Modern Vices are Alex, Peter, Thomas, Patrick, and Miles. They hail from Chicago. Noir in tone, their sound resides somewhere between late ’50s croon and wet garage rock snarl. Their self-recorded, eponymous, LP drops in October via Los Angeles’ Autumn Tone Records. A romantic revolution.

Spendtime Palace (CA)
Spendtime Palace is a tight knit group of 5 Costa Mesa kids who have recently been pushing the boundaries of the Southern California music scene. Formed in 2012, this ragtag bundle progressed from a high school party band into a downright fan favorite. Besides being featured magazines and websites such as GQ and Billboard, they have also worked alongside top up-and-coming actors and directors like Finn Wolfhard, Iris Apatow, and Josh Ovalle. The hype floating around this bunch is undeniable, but the real magic lies between every measure they write. Music available on SPOTIFY, ITUNES, BANDCAMP, and most streaming websites.

The Brazen Youth (CT)
Nicholas Lussier and Charles Dahlke formed the Brazen Youth within the otherworldly vacuum of the 300-year-old Ashlawn Farm, located in Lyme, Connecticut. Timeless and freeing, Ashlawn served as a perfect birthplace of the Brazen Youth’s 2016 debut, The Ever Dying Bristlecone Man. A heavily conceptual record, Ever Dying is a world with endless nooks in which you can lose yourself, containing meticulous threads of layered tracks and arrangements that shift within songs like tectonic plates, all within an organic and atmospheric gloss of emotionally riveting, lyric-driven songs. Upon adding Micah Rubin to the band’s lineup in 2017, the Brazen Youth emerged with a wild-spirited presence into the East Coast scene, soon gaining an empowered and fresh fan base. The Brazen Youth is currently diving into a new, primitive mind-frame for their next record, to be released this August.


GIRL K is an up and coming indie rock artist from Chicago, IL. Kathy Patino (vocals, guitar) brings her conceptual songwriting to life, performing either solo or inviting friends onstage as the backing band.
With more gigs under their belt and currently in the process of recording an EP, Girl K debuted their most recent singles “Cinnamon” and “Division Club” Summer 2018. Focusing on themes of friendship, materialism, societal values and plenty more in the tracks – Kathy continues to challenge her composition style by constantly incorporating a variety of inspirations.
In Fall 2017, Kathy Patino self-released her debut album ‘Sunflower Court’ with great acclaim. The album incorporates a unique blend of somber yet inviting undertones. ‘Sunflower Court’ creates an uplifting and delightful atmosphere that playfully balances painfully honest, heartbroken lyricism.
Looking forward to what’s ahead, GIRL K is ready to send you off swooning and crooning.