LoveBug has been playing records for Chicago for almost a decade. The love for house music grew stronger and stronger and was the reason she started blending tunes. Her record collection continued to grow and she became fascinated with 7” records. She loves to indulge in her 45 collection that ranges anywhere from the 1950s to present. Mike Slugs has been carving his way through the Chicago scene since the early 2000’s as a proudcer and DJ.  Known to play deep and wide. Ranging from House to Funk to Soul, 12″ or 7″ vinyl, he delivers a  universal sonic, focused on delivering the unexpected to the dance floor.

Drink of Choice: sometimes bourbon, sometimes tequila
Favorite Arcade: NBA JAM tournament edition or Mortal Kombat II
Drink of choice- Bourbon neat, Tequila straight
Favorite Arcade Game- Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Tetris

IG @38slugs / @lovebug_chicago

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