love shack by campari

Imagine, if you will, opening up a heart-warming Valentine from your secret admirer & discovering within a warm, welcoming world of love & positivity filled to the brim with cocktails, beer, & plenty of dance-worthy love jams blaring from the speakers…

Emporium Popups & the fine folks from Campari are teaming up for a four day festival of lovey-dovey mush & gush the likes of which Chicago has never seen….

The “LOVE SHACK” by Campari pops up & pops off on Valentine’s Day evening soaked generously in equal parts Hallmark holiday hopes & Vegas-style wedding chapel dreams. Open for four nights only, the ‘Love Shack’ will be a place where ALL people (over 21 years of age) are welcomed in & all are encouraged to love whoever & however they choose!

Emporium & Campari hope that this experience is a special celebration of love, positivity, & equality for every person who chooses to visit the ‘Love Shack’

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Emporium Popups & Campari