Glad Rags
Glad Rags is a psychedelic orchestral music from Chicago
Our second full-length “Wonder Under” is out everywhere now!

Blacker Face
Come catch this viscous visce-rage. We came to ghostride the hawelti of Aksum, into a future that’s weird at last. HashtagAfrofuturistOccult.

The Depaysement (JAPAN)
On a mystical morning in March of 2007, Maresuke Nishimori and Satoru Koyanagi crossed paths at Segefredo Zanetti Cafe in Shinjuku, Tokyo, a chance encounter that has proven to be the stuff of legend and proof that musical magic truly exists.. What followed was the formation of the 4 piece Japanese rock n’ roll outfit known as the Depaysement.
Words fall painfully short when attempting to describe the electric relationship between audience and artist when DPM takes the stage. A performance by the Depaysement is nothing short of a high intensity, dance worthy, explosively theatrical rock n’ roll happening. Fueled by a pure love for music and endless creative instinct, the Depaysement is founded on the familial chemistry of brothers / members Hikaru, Satoru, and Wataru Koyanagi and their brother from another mother, Mare Nishimori. Genre based descriptions of DPM’s peculiar combination of punk rock, psychedelia, funk, and dance ballad only tell part of the story. There is an electricity and magic to the DPM live experience that supersedes description by genre. It is a purely interactive human experience: a true exchange where the audience is invited into a captivating world of skits and humor, costume changes, tabletop acrobatics, musical shenanigans, soulful songwriting, and rock n’ roll dance parties. The Depaysement offers to all willing parties the uncanny ability to unite a room of strangers over the most positive elements of human nature: Dance; Laughter; Singalong.