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Join Emporium, Goose Island, and Angel’s Envy Distilling to celebrate the release of two incredibly unique barrel aged beers — Anjo Escocês and Anjo Loiro” — on Thursday, March 7th at Emporium Wicker Park.

Doors open at 5pm, both beers tapping at 6pm.

Read the full story of this epic collaboration below!


The story of this trilateral collaboration cannot be told without starting at the beginning, with the creation of the inspiration for the collaboration itself, Angel’s Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, by master distiller Lincoln Henderson and his son Wes Henderson.

The Henderson’s sought to expand on hundreds of years of bourbon history by finishing their bourbon whiskey, typically aged for up to 6 years, in ruby wine port casks made from French oak and imported directly from Portugal.

The second participant of this project are as equally steeped in history and as equally dedicated to innovation in their field as Angel’s Envy.

Goose Island Beer Company has been brewing beer in Chicago for over 30 years and are widely regarded as one of the pioneers of the modern processes of barrel aging beer. Their annually released Bourbon County Brand Stout portfolio alone consists of some of the world’s finest barrel aged beers.

This finally brings the story of this dual beer collaboration release to the final participant and catalyst of the project, Emporium Chicago.

Emporium began as a single location arcade bar and live music venue dedicated to high quality local and regional craft beer and equally high quality and hand crafted whiskey. We have since expanded to include 3 Chicago locations as well as 2 locations in the Bay Area of California.

Since opening day Emporium has been proud to pour both Angel’s Envy bourbon and beers from the extensive Goose Island portfolio so it should be no surprise that when one of our staff members who also represented Angel’s Envy here in Chicago proposed the idea of barrel aging some Goose Island beer in freshly emptied Angel’s Envy ruby wine port casks we jumped at the chance to conspire with these incredible partners!

In March of 2018 members of Emporium, Angel’s Envy, and Goose Island met at Goose Island’s Fulton and Wood brewhouse to taste through potential base beers with samples of Angel’s Envy. The decision was made to split the four Angel’s Envy port casks up between two styles, a Belgian-style blonde ale and a Scottish-style amber ale. The port casks were filled shortly after and the beers were left to mature in Goose Island’s barrel-aging warehouse for 6 months.

At the 6 month mark, the collaborative team met once again to taste the beers. At this tasting, it was decided that both beers needed a little more time in the oak casks. After 3 more months of aging, both of the beers were ready to be transferred to fermentation and packaged into kegs.

The two resulting beers were named in Portuguese, by Emporium’s Beer Director Jared Saul, as an homage to their time spent in the Angel’s Envy ruby wine port casks.

Anjo Loiro, meaning “blonde angel,” is a 9.5% ABV Blonde Ale aged in Angel’s Envy Port Barrels. The beer is golden in color. It has robust whiskey, oak, and vanilla flavors with notes of ripe fruit and finishes with a moderate sweetness and low bitterness. A refreshing expression of the barrel aging process.

Anjo Escocês, meaning “Scottish angel,” is a 9.6% ABV Scotch Ale aged in Angel’s Envy Port Barrels. The beer is a ruby shade of brown. It has toffee, caramel, and dried fruit flavors with notes of vanilla, caramel, oak, and whiskey. It finishes clean and dry. A classic expression of barrel aging.

These beers will only be available on draft in Chicago (while supplies last) at the Emporium Wicker Park and Emporium Fulton Market locations, as well as at the Goose Island Taproom. We hope you enjoy these incredibly complex beers as much as we all do.