Rad Fake Productions presents…

BLMChi is raising money for 2019 celebrating our angsty-est years.
It’s Emo/Pop Punk Karaoke night!

With the help of Brian Rowe – co host of the podcast, Emo Social Club – we’re belting out our favorite songs about never wanting to grow up and those first loves we just can’t get over! Will the suffering ever end? When will our parents understand that we just want to be ourselves? Will my mother ever say anything but “hmm” when she takes me to Hot Topic for yet another Invader Zim hoodie??
Probably not. But, we’ve got a dope night planned and some seriously great raffle prizes to make you believe that anything could happen!
Artists like Turnspit, Absolutely Not!, Andrew WK, and The Wonder Years have donated merch for us to raffle off so, you’ve got ONE NIGHT ONLY to try and snag these goods..


$5 suggested donation