Elk Walking
Elk Walking is an acoustic and electric guitar driven indie folk-rock band of a rare breed. Fronted by duo Savanna Dickhut and Julian Daniell, their music is energetic, electric and groovy yet still captures the folky acoustic flavors and lyrical focus of a singer/songwriter duo. The band is accented by fiery electric guitar and carried by powerful harmonies and meaningful songwriting. The filled out demanding sound of two lead singers is reminiscent of the sounds of Jefferson Airplane, or Fleetwood Mac and the songs are individually unique yet remain set in the bands signature sound; a mix of gritty and pretty, lonesome ballads, energetic love songs, and social commentary. The band frequently references and finds inspiration in the mysteries of nature and the living natural world.

Ritual Talk (Brooklyn, NY)
Ritual Talk is a Brooklyn-based indie rock trio with lush instrumentation and exploratory vocal arrangements that tinge each song with an unmistakable color, on and off the stage. Led by songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Alex DeSimine and joined by drummer Tom Criblez and fellow multi-instrumentalist Dylan Gleit, each member of the band uses every limb they have to create a soundscape that transcends their three-person appearance.

Ex Okays

In 2016, when Andrew Tschiltsch played his first gig as frontman/guitarist for his new alt-rock trio Microcosms at a house party in his adopted hometown of Chicago, he came up with the perfect phrase to describe the band’s aesthetic: “Making music to question your beliefs to.” He wasn’t just referring to concepts like religion, the universe, or the cultural mindset. It was also about taking an introspective look at what he wanted to do with his life, weighing his passions and muse against the expectations of staying on the path he had long been conditioned to accept. “I was questioning my place in the world,” he says. “I wanted to spend my time doing what I felt would be valuable to society and make me happy.”