Thursday, August 1st / 21+ / Free before 9pm / $5 after 9pm

Adonis Childs – True Family Unit was established circa 1997, and has been a staple in the Chicago music Scene. Our Artists are growing in popularity and notoriety with every successful event. With such great talent any event with TFU Artists will be a success.

Bai-EE – “…the connection between San Francisco and Chicago is extremely strong and the respect flows both ways. Sonically we all need to hang out a bit more and what better way to make that happen than through a collaborative event like Housepit CHI.”

Alex Zelenka – Connecting with an audience, sharing good vibes and trying to make the world a better place. https://soundcloud.com/alexzelenka

Benji Gunplay

Emporium Arcade Bar
1366 N. Milwaukee Ave