3/26/15: Live Music: Brother O’ Brother / Jolly Korea / Zigtebra / Brian Velez (more info)

3/27/14: Live Music: WINTER RESIDENCY: Ted Sirota’s Heavyweight Dub (more info)

3/28/15: Fess Grandiose

3/28/15: [LOGAN SQUARE] DJ Moppy

3/30/15: Live Music: Step Slow / El is a Sound of Joy / Muyassar Kurdi (more info)

4/1/15: Live Music: NESS / Adam & Kizzie / Spare Parts (more info)

4/3/15: Live Music: Terrible Spaceship RESIDENCY

4/3/15: [LOGAN SQUARE] Impala Sound Champions presents Kung Fu Funk!

4/4/15: MTV Generation

4/4/15: [LOGAN SQUARE] Boogie Munsters DJs

4/6/15: Pinball Chicago League Tournament

4/7/15: Joust Tournament

4/7/15: Live Music: Ko / Young Rapids / Ghastly Menace / Collages (more info)

4/8/15: Live Music: Evasive Backflip / Harebrain / Bow&Spear / Space Blood (more info)

4/11/15: DJ Danny LeRoy

4/11/15: [LOGAN SQUARE] DJ Duke Grip

4/15/15: Live Music: Little Maker (New Orleans, LA) / Willy Dynomite (more info)

4/17/15: (CIMMFest) Live Music: The Cell Phones / The Claudettes / Lonesome Still

4/18/15: (CIMMFest) Record Store Day Roundup feat. Gramps The Vamp / Nooky Jones / Live Band Karaoke

4/20/15: Live Music: The Gnar Wave Rangers / MTVGhosts / The Symposium / The Rubs (more info)

4/21/15: Super Smash Bros Melee Tournament (more info)

4/22/15: Tiny Missile Game Tournament

4/24/15: Live Music: Netherfriends / TBA

4/28/15: IFPA Pinball Tournament

4/29/15: Live Music: Miss Alex White / Mr. Maam / Twin Guns / Wild Bore / Strawberry Jacuzzi (more info)

4/30/15: Live Music: Melkbelly / Mines / Linear Downfall / Secretarial Creep (more info)

5/1/15: Live Music: Terrible Spaceship RESIDENCY

5/2/15: [LOGAN SQUARE] Boogie Munsters DJs

5/5/15: Mortal Kombat X Tournament

5/6/15: Live Music: Baby Money / Nevele (OH) / The Baby Magic

5/7/15: Live Music: DJ noDJ / Thinner Teed (more info)

5/8/15: Live Music: Gramps The Vamp RESIDENCY

5/9/15: MTV Generation

5/14/15: Live Music: Slushy / Hollow Mountain / Ancient Warfare (KY) / Today’s Hits



3/24/15: Live Music: Medium Gallery presents Boytoy (NYC), Bike Cops, Deadbeat (more info)

3/24/15: IFPA Pinball Tournament

3/23/15: Pinball Chicago League Tournament

3/22/15: National H. Jon Benjamin Day Marathon

3/21/15: DJ White Owl

3/20/15: Live Music: Spring Equinox Party…Dance Loud / Emerson Jay (more info)

3/19/15: Live Music: Girls Rock Chicago… Negative Scanner / Absolutely Not / The Baby Magic / RFUP (more info)

3/18/15: Live Music: Sons of the West / Roach Beach / Bigjoy (more info)

3/14/15: DJ Danny LeRoy

3/14/15: [LOGAN SQUARE] DJ Duke Grip

3/13/15: Live Music: Killer Moon / Vamos / Bad Dreams

3/13/15: [LOGAN SQUARE] Warehaus West Presents: Friday the 13th Motown Soul Down (more info)

3/12/15: Live Music: Archie Powell & The Exports / The Noise FM / Me Like Bees (more info)

3/10/15: Wrestlemania 2000 Tournament

3/9/15: Sensaphonics Industry Night & Live Music (more info)

3/7/15: MTV Generation

3/6/15: Live Music: Nick Astro / Auggie The 9th / Glow Mechanics / TheWHOevers

3/6/15: [LOGAN SQUARE] Impala Sound Champions presents Kung Fu Funk!

3/5/15: Live Music: Flesh Panthers / Ancient Friends / The Midwestern Charm / Rupert Angeleyes (more info)

3/4/15: Live Music: Bonzo Terks / Marbin / S’Pocket (more info)

3/3/15: The Oregon [Beer] Trail (more info)

2/28/15: [LOGAN SQUARE] DJ Moppy

2/28/15: Live Music: The Bottom Dollars / The Bribes / Them Guilty Aces / Fess Grandiose (more info)

2/27/15: Live Music: WINTER RESIDENCY: Ted Sirota’s Heavyweight Dub (more info)

2/26/15: Live Music: Deep Fayed / NESS / The Native Sun (more info)

2/25/15: You Don’t Know Jack Trivia night/Tournament

2/24/15: $2 Tuesdays…American Breakfast / Mauve / The Rubs / Mike Donner (more info)

2/24/15: IFPA Pinball Tournament

2/22/15: NOON – Hardcore Craft Beer DARKSIDE Beer event (more info/tix)

2/22/15: 9 pm – Tiny Missile Indie Game Tournament Push Me Pull You

2/21/15: DJ Jesus Face

2/21/15: [LOGAN SQUARE] DJ Shazam Bangles

2/20/15: [LOGAN SQUARE] DJ Natasha Diggs / Mo Manley / Dave Mata (more info)

2/20/15: 9 pmLive Music: Neak / Thelonius Martin / Slot-A (more info)

2/20/15: 7 Pm Stern Pinball WWE Launch Party

2/19/15: Live Music: Rabble Rabble / Paperhaus / Clearance / ChooChoo (more info)

2/18/15: Live Music: Secret Colours / Queen Buzz / Kinda Good / Symposium (more info)

2/14/15: [LOGAN SQUARE] DJ Duke Grip

2/14/15: DJ Eves & Raboo

2/13/15: Live Music: WINTER RESIDENCY: Terrible Spaceship w/ Bumpus, Nubile Thangs

2/12/15: Live Music: Nasty Snacks / Grood / Black Bear/Brown Bear (more info)

2/11/15: Live Music: Shortest Circuit presents Gothsicles / The Runaway Five / ORB (more info)

2/7/15: DJ White Owl

2/6/15: Live Music: Mojoflo / Dirty MF & The Smoking Sextion

2/5/15: Arcade Brewery Release w/ Miss Alex White, Paul Cherry, Son of A Gun, Skip Church, Sophagus, and Pizza Pals DJs! (more info)

2/3/15: Super Smash Bros WiiU Tournament

2/2/15: Groundhog Day Movie Marathon

1/31/15: MTV Generation

1/30/15: Live Music: Deeper / Spike and The Sweet Spots / Snottie Pippen / Wet Key (more info)

1/28/15: [LOGAN SQUARE] White Mystery Rock’n’Roll Pinball Extravaganza (RSVP & info)

1/28/15: Tiny Missile Presents Divekick Tournament + Pizza Pals DJ

1/27/15: IFPA Pinball Tournament

1/25/15: NBA 2K15 Tournament

1/24/15: Fess Grandiose

1/24/15: [LOGAN SQUARE] DJ Moppy

1/23/15: Live Music: WINTER RESIDENCY: Ted Sirota’s Heavyweight Dub (more info)

1/22/15: Live Music: Common Shiner / Natalie Grace Alford / Freaks For Geeks / The Van Goghs (more info)

1/20/15: Live Music: Medium Gallery presents…Slushy / American Breakfast / Yeowulf (more info)

1/17/15: DJ Danny LeRoy

1/17/15: [LOGAN SQUARE] DJ Shazam Bangles

1/16/15: DJ White Owl

1/15/15: Live Music: FYC ZINE Release: Absolutely Not / MAMA / Crudos Tribal / Strawberry Jacuzzi (more info)

1/12/15: Live Music: Keebs / Noise Theorem / Peter Speer / Keven Kalay (more info)

1/10/15: DJ White Owl

1/9/15: Live Music: WINTER RESIDENCY: Terrible Spaceship / J-Livi & The Party (more info)

1/8/15: Live Music: Herman Green’s Memphis Stax Allstars / Herman’s Hype / Low Spark / Gramps The Vamp (more info)

1/7/15: Vic Mensa x Smoko Ono live DJ set featuring members of The Social Experiment + SURPRISE GUEST (BUY TICKETS HERE)

1/3/15: [LOGAN SQUARE] Boogie Munsters DJs

12/31/14: [LOGAN SQUARE] NEW YEARS EVE with DJ Jesus Face FREE!

12/31/14: NEW YEARS EVE! JC Brooks and The Uptown Sound / Sidewalk Chalk SOLD OUT

12/30/14: Live Music: Beat Drun Juel / Bigjoy / Soddy Daisy / Wax TV (more info)

12/28/14: NBA 2K15 Tournament

12/27/14: DJ Fess Grandiose

12/26/14: [LOGAN SQUARE] Impala Sound Champions presents Kung Fu Funk!

12/23/14: IFPA Pinball Tournament

12/21/14: Live Music: I Fight Dragons

12/20/14: DJ Danny LeRoy

12/20/14: [LOGAN] DJ Shazam Bangles

12/19/14: [LOGAN SQUARE] Impala Sound Champions presents Kung Fu Funk!

12/18/14: Live Music: Bad Bad Meow / The Western / ZKPR / Passerines (more info)

12/17/14: Live Music: Cellrs / The Lucky Dutch / The Ross Originals (more info)

12/16/14: [LOGAN SQUARE] SAUCED December Night Market

12/15/14: StreetWise Winter Gear Drive w/ live music from Thurgood (more info)

12/14/14: South Park Marathon

12/13/14: Live Music: Lowdown Brass Band / Detroit Party Marching Band (more info)

12/13/14: [LOGAN SQUARE] DJ Duke Grip

12/12/14: Live Music: WINTER RESIDENCY – Terrible Spaceship (more info)

12/12/14: [LOGAN SQUARE] Impala Sound Champions presents Kung Fu Funk!

12/11/14: Live Music: Swimsuit Addition / Lil Tits / The Burning Ponies / Donkey Hotel (more info)

12/10/14: Vic Mensa & Smoko Ono (RSVP here)

12/9/14: Live Music: Medium Gallery presents Sadie and the Stark / TOOFUNCHILD / Okapi (more info)

12/8/14: Live Music: Modular Mondays…Jason Soliday / The Green Pasture Happiness / Zach Schiermann / Keven Kalay (more info)

12/7/14: Live Music: Good Willsmith / Nerftoss / Zachary Utz / Famous Laughs (more info)

12/6/14: MTV Generation

12/6/14: [LOGAN SQUARE] Boogie Munsters DJs

12/5/14: [LOGAN SQUARE] Impala Sound Champions presents Kung Fu Funk!

12/4/14: Live Music: Shiloh / Velocicopter / Hollow Mountain / Evasive Backflip (more info)

12/3/14: Live Music: The Avantist / Rakunk / onYou (more info)

12/2/14: Killer Instinct Tournament (sign up here!)

11/29/14: DJ Eves & Raboo

11/28/14: Live Music & Comedy: Marrow / Sima Cunningham / Walsher Clemons / Kavalier

11/28/14: [LOGAN SQUARE] Impala Sound Champions presents Kung Fu Funk!

11/25/14: IFPA Pinball Tournament

11/22/14: DJ White Owl

11/22/14: [LOGAN] DJ Moppy

11/21/14: [LOGAN SQUARE] Impala Sound Champions presents Kung Fu Funk!

11/21/14: Live Music: The Lemons / Guantanamo Baywatch / The Chips / Pookie (more info)

11/20/14: Live Music: Brother George / Exit Ghost / Mount Saint Elias / Kelsey Wild (more info)

11/18/14: [LOGAN] SAUCED November Night Market (more info)

11/15/14: Chillfest – Live Music at Noon!

11/15/14: DJ Fess Grandiose

11/14/14: [LOGAN SQUARE] Impala Sound Champions presents Kung Fu Funk!

11/13/14: Live Music: Killer Moon / Today’s Hits / The Feral Ghosts / King Buffalo (more info)

11/12/14: Live Music: Mr. 666 / Teen Witch Fan Club / Diode Milliampere (more info)

11/11/14: Medium Gallery Presents…Sam Crossland / Planner Ally / Various Blonde (more info)

11/10/14: Live Music: Potions / Mincemeat or Tenspeed / Daniel Wyche / Unguent / Spiritual Recess (more info)

11/9/14: Bears-Packers Sunday Night Football on our giant 20ft screen!

11/8/14: DJ Iggy

11/8/14: [LOGAN SQUARE] DJ Duke Grip

11/7/14: Live Music: Landmarks / Landline (mbrs of Deerhunter, Carnivores) / Deeper (more info)

11/7/14: [LOGAN SQUARE] Impala Sound Champions presents Kung Fu Funk!

11/6/14: Live Music: Renaldo Domino and The Dots / HipTrip / S’pocket (more info)

11/4/14: WCW vs. NWO Tournament!

11/1/14: DJ Risky Biz

11/1/14: [LOGAN SQUARE] Boogie Munsters (DJ set)

10/31/14: Live Music: The Gold Web / Jamaican Queens / Bring Your Ray Gun (more info)

10/31/14: [LOGAN SQUARE] Impala Sound Champions presents Kung Fu Funk!

10/30/14: Live Music: MASHING PUMPKINS – Time Crash / Fantastic Mammals / The Starship + We Are Cosplay (more info)

10/29/14: Shortest Circuit Presents…Ratface / Saskrotch / Zombie Apocalypse NOW! (more info)

10/28/14: Medium Gallery Presents…Videotape / Sister Crystals / Basement Family (more info)

10/28/14: IFPA Pinball Tournament

10/27/14: Monday of The Living Dead

10/26/14: Treehouse of Horror Marathon

10/25/14: DJ Fess Grandiose

10/24/14: Live Music: Sabers / Robbie Skye / The Singleman Affair / Blasted Diplomats (more info)

10/23/14: Chicagoist 10th Anniversary Party (RSVP HERE)

10/22/14: Tiny Missile Video Game Tournament

10/21/14: Live Music: Wishgift / Toupee / Den / Buck Gooter (more info)

10/20/14: Live Music: Deep Cover Presents… Axis:Sova / Partner / Antlr’d / Whaddup Sonnn, Yeahhhh (more info)

10/19/14: Tim Burton Movie Marathon

10/18/14: DJ Pickel

10/18/14: [LOGAN SQUARE] Shazam Bangles (DJ set)

10/17/14: DJ White Owl

10/17/14: [LOGAN SQUARE] Impala Sound Champions presents Kung Fu Funk!

10/16/14: Live Music: Netherfriends / Chris Crack / Joey Purp / Angel Katz / DJ Fess Grandiose (more info)

10/15/14: Live Music: Modular Synth DJ Night! Andy Ortmann / Peter Speer / Alex Barnett / Keven Kalay (more info)

10/14/14: Live Music: The Sunpilots / The Avantist / The Mobros / Jolly Korea (more info)

10/13/14: Monday Night Football / Madden

10/12/14: GoldenEye Tournament (RSVP)

10/11/14: Resurrection: The 20th Anniversary Celebration (more info)

10/10/14: Live Music: Bike Cops / PONYSHOW / The Bribes / Perfume (more info)

10/10/14: [LOGAN SQUARE] Impala Sound Champions presents Kung Fu Funk!

10/9/14: Live Music: Brother O Brother / Bad Bad Meow / Kinda Good (more info)

10/7/14: Live Music: Medium Gallery Presents…Violet Mice / Stevie Even / Bloodhype / Daniel Fiddler Esquire (more info)

10/6/14: The Burning Ponies / Ariada / Bike Thief / Greg Jackson Combs (more info)

10/5/14: Live Music: Pulse Emitter / Good Willsmith / Brett Naucke / Kyle Landstra (more info)

10/4/14: DJ Pickel

10/4/14: [LOGAN SQUARE] Boogie Munsters DJs

10/3/14: [LOGAN SQUARE] Impala Sound Champions presents Kung Fu Funk!

10/3/14: Live Music: Bestfriends / Sagan (of Brother George) / Duck (more info)

10/2/14: Live Music: Terrible Spaceship / DragonFLY / Bumpus (more info)

10/1/14: Live Music: ANAMANAGUCHI /Machine Girl / Seablaze / Romance (more info)

9/30/14: Live Music: Aztek / Moon Bounce / Kazimier / GoodSex (DJ set) / M.O.B. (more info)

9/29/14: Live Music: Deep Cover Presents… Sandworm / Unmanned Ship / Crown Larks / The Hanging Gardens (more info)

9/28/14: Live Music: Glyders / Gold Light / Elim Bolt / WhiteMoms (more info)

9/27/14: DJ Danny LeRoy

9/25/14: Live Music: Renaldo Domino Deep Cuts / Gramps The Vamp / DJ Duke Grip (more info)

9/25/14: [LOGAN SQUARE] The FDC x Mishka NYC and 119 Productions presents Smoko Ono & Fancy Fux (more info)

9/24/14: Live Music: Shortest Circuit…Runaway Five / Bro-Bot / Robot Hilarious (more info)

9/23/14: Live Music: Medium Gallery Presents…The Sueves / The Rubs / MAMA / The Coldies (more info)

9/23/14: IFPA Pinball Tournament

9/22/14: Monday Night Football / Madden

9/20/14: The MTV Generation: DJ Risky Bizness & Sean Doe (more info)

9/20/14: [LOGAN SQUARE] DJ Danny LeRoy

9/19/14: Live Music: Baby Money / The Bribes / Bubbles Brown (more info)

9/19/14: [LOGAN SQUARE] DJ Danny Akalepse (NYC) / Impala Sound Champions (more info)

9/18/14: Live Music: Netherfriends / Monster Mike / Blake / Rich Jones / DJ Earn Money (more info)

9/17/14: Live Music: Mr Ma’am / Melkbelly / Beat Drun Juel / Soddy Daisy (more info)

9/15/14: Monday Night Football

9/13/14: DJ Danny LeRoy

9/12/14: [LOGAN SQUARE] DJ Na$im Williams

9/11/14: Live Music: Deep Fayed / DYNAMO (TN) / DBP (more info)

9/10/14: Live Music: Banyan (Stephen Perkins of Jane’s Addiction, Willie Waldman, Colin Scott, Jaik Willis, Fareed Haque) / Midwest Hype / Jaik Willis (more info) (buy tix here!)

9/9/14: Live Music: Medium Gallery Presents Richard Album and The Singles / Careful Q / IJI (more info)

9/8/14: Monday Night Football

9/6/14: DJ Fess Grandiose

9/4/14: Live Music: Spirit Animal / Bring Your Ray Gun / Samy Language (more info)

9/3/14: Colt Cabana & Marty DeRosa’s Comedy and Commentary To Rad Wrestling Matches (more info)

9/2/14: Mario Kart 8 Tournament

8/30/14: DJ Danny LeRoy

8/29/14: DJ White Owl

8/28/14: Live Music: The Cellphones / Vaya / BIGJOY / The Avantist (more info)

8/27/14: Shortest Circuit Presents: Live Video Game and Chiptune Music

8/26/14: IFPA Pinball Tournament

8/23/14: DJ Danny LeRoy

8/22/14: Live Music: Neak (Video Release Party) w/ Saint Millie, Pugs Atomz, and Na$im Williams (more info)

8/21/14: Live Music: Shuga Records Presents: Super Dope Free Show (more info)

8/19/14 Tiny Missile Video Game Tournament

8/18/14: The FDC x Mishka NYC x 119 Productions Presents HIFI w/ Thelonius Martin and Mint Club (DJ Sets)

8/16/14: DJ Pickel

8/15/14: Live Music: Ted Sirota’s Heavyweight Dub / Akasha / Impala Sound Champions / King Tony (more info)

8/14/14: Shuga Records presents live music by Jadam James and the Multifelons /  Home Groan / The Jagweeds (more info)

8/13/14: Live Music: Videotape / Mirror Coat / Panoramic & True / Zookeeper (more info)

8/12/14: $2 Tuesdays Live Music

8/10/14: Madden Tournament (Round 2)

8/9/14: DJ Anime Club

8/8/14: Live Music: Rough Francis / Vamos / Bike Cops (more info)

8/7/14: Live Music: Swearwords / Innkeepers / Lucas Brode (Hannibal Montana) / Space Blood (more info)

8/6/14: Live Music: When Clouds Attack / Handsome Tyrants / Songs For Gods (more info)

8/3/14: Madden Tournament (Round 1)

8/2/14: DJ Pickel

8/1/14: DJ White Owl

7/31/14: DJ Risky Biz

7/30/14: Shortest Circuit presents Live Video Game and Chiptune Music ft. Cochise Soulstar and Zombie Apocalypse Now (more info)

7/29/14: Live Music: Medium Gallery Presents: $2 Tuesday-> Panda Riot / Kangaroo / Heavycritters (more info)

7/28/14: RedEye Lollapalooza Trivia

7/27/14: Wicker Park Fest After Party w/ Sidewalk Chalk & Fess Grandiose (more info)

7/26/14: DJ Jesus Face

7/24/14: Live Muisc: The Addies / North By North / Brother O’ Brother / Kinda Good (more info)

7/24/14: Dark Horse Brewing’s Big Beer Balderdash (more info)

7/23/14: LOGAN SQUARE Grand Opening w/ DJ sets by Impala Sound Champions

7/23/14: Live Music: Byzantine Time Machine / Electro Mehteran / Frankie and The Most (more info)

7/22/14: IFPA Pinball Tournament

7/21/14: Live Music: Nitetrotter Presents: Cool Off / Diode Milliampere / Chris Coleslaw / Nonnie Party (more info)

7/20/14: Sunday Night Pizza Party presents: Bill Murray Movie Marathon

7/19/14: DJ Jesus Face

7/18/14: Live Music: Son Of A Gun / MAMA / Jollys / The Wet (more info)

7/17/14: Live Music: JC Brooks and The Uptown Sound / The O’My’s / DJ Dave Mata (more info) (buy tix here!)

7/16/14: Mishka Night (DJ set)

7/11/14: Live Music: MC Tree / Dre Green / Jarred AG / SolarFive / DJ Na$im (more info)

7/9/14: Netherfriends / Chris Crack / You / Pours (more info)

7/6/14: Emporium console tourneys: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (more info)

7/5/14: DJ White Owl

7/4/14: DJ White Owl

7/2/14: Live Music: Kelcy Mae (more info)

7/1/14: Everything’s Alright, Strawberry Jacuzzi, The Uglies (more info)

6/30/14: Pipeworks Brewing/Buttermilk Bento Box Beer Dinner (more info)

6/28/14: MTV Generation presents Video Way Back (more info)

6/27/14: 2 Year Anniversary Party! (more info)

6/26/14: Live Music: The Future Laureates / Friendly People / The Locals / Ars Nova (more info)

6/25/14: Shortest Circuit Presents: Arc Impulse and The Runaway Five

6/24/14: IFPA Pinball Tournament

6/24/14: Surly-oke — Surly brewing presents awesome beer and karaoke

6/22/14: Sunday Night Pizza Party Presents: Patrick Swayze Movie Night

6/20/14: DJ White Owl

6/19/14: Live Music: The Bribes / Antony and the Tramps / Kinda Good / Donkey Hotel (more info)

6/18/14: Live Music: Swimsuit Addition / The Gold Web / Duck / Porno Mags (more info)

6/17/14: Anime Night

6/8/14: Sunday Night Pizza Party presents: Wes Anderson Movie Night

6/6/14: DJ Jesus Face

6/5/14: Live music ft. Killer Moon, MTV Ghosts, Bike Cops (more info)

6/3/14: Animal Kingdom $2 Tuesdays

6/1/14: Sunday Night Pizza Party Presents: Super Smash Brothers Brawl Tournament on the big screen + Free pizza from Dimo’s! (more info)

5/31/14: DJ Jesus Face

5/30/14: DJ White Owl

5/29/14: Shuga Records Presents: Live music by Wild Jesus and the Devil’s Lettuce, Take the Reins, Gunners Daughter (more info)

5/28/14: Shortest Circuit presents Live Video Game and Chiptune Music ft: Time Crash and The Runaway Five (more info)

5/27/14: Animal Kingdom $2 Tuesdays feat. Bad Bad Meow, Soddy Daisy, MTV Ghosts

5/27: IFPA Pinball Tournament

5/26/14: Live Music by Bifunkal

5/22/14: Union Concert Series IV ft: Pivot Gang, Auggie the 9th, Hurt Everybody, St. Millie

5/21/14: Chicago Craft Beer Week: Ska and New Holland Night with live Ska Band Run and Punch

5/20/14: Chicago Craft Beer Week: Battle of the Breweries part 2

5/20/14: Animal Kingdom $2 Tuesdays

5/18/14: SUnday Night Pizza Party Presents: Futurama-rama!

5/17/14: Chicago Craft Beer Week: Pipeworks vs Emporium (more info)

5/15/14: Chicago Craft Beer Week: Illinois Brewery Night

5/15/14: MTV Generation Presents Video Way back ft: DJs Risky Bizness and Sean Doe

5/13/14: Animal Kingdom $2 Tuesdays

5/9/14: DJ Uncle El

5/8/14: Penrose V. Iversen ft. Penrose, Allagash and Lagunitas Brewing (more info)

5/5/14: SF4 Tournament on the Big Screen (5/3/14: DJ Danny Leroy

5/1/14: Rock For Kids First Annual Arcade Ambush (more info)

4/30/14: SHORTEST CIRCUIT PRESENTS: Free Nerd Music Party @ Emporium w/ The Runaway Five & Fantastic Mammals (more info)

4/29/14: Animal Kingdom $2 Tuesdays

4/27/14: Fashion Show

4/26/14: DJ Danny Leroy

4/26/14: Beer 2UP (more info)

4/25/14: Live Music by Max Pain and the Groovies, Dead Feathers, and Supercell Mothership (more info)

4/25/14: Stern Pinball Mustang Launch Party (more info)4/24/14: American Lung Association Bikes and Brews (more info)

4/24/14: MTV Generation Presents: The Video Way Back (more info)

4/22/14: Revolution Brewing Pinball Gauntlet Pinball Tournament (more info)

4/22/14: Animal Kingdom $2 Tuesdays

4/19/14: DJ Danny Leroy

4/18/14: DJ White Owl

4/17/14: Transit Tees Bikes, Beers and Games (more info)

4/15/14: Animal Kingdom $2 Tuesdays

4/14/14: Archie Powell and The Exports New Album Listening Party

4/12/14: DJ Uncle El

4/9/14: Kaiju Big Battel

4/8/14: Animal Kingdom $2 Tuesdays

4/6/14: Ommegang Gang of Thrones Beer Tapping

4/5/14: DJ Danny Leroy

4/4/14: Chirp Radio and Animal Kingdom presents: Pinball Blizzard feat. White Mystery, Dirty Fences, Flesh Panthers and Lil Tits (more info)

3/29/14: DJ Shami Sosa

3/27/14: The MTV Generation presents DJs Risky Biz and Sean Doe mixing music video on our 20′ screen

3/25/14: IFPA Pinball Tournament

3/25/14: Animal Kingdom presents: $2 Tunesdays

3/23/14: The Drop Box and Tallgrass brewing present: Raw Force Movie Night (more info)

3/23/14: Stone Brewing Release Party

3/22/14: Live Surf Rock with The Real Gone

3/21/14: Live Music by Glittermouse

3/20/14 and 3/21/14: NCAA March Madness Kickoff party (more info)

3/20/14: Punk-y Brew Star!  Tap anarchy with Revoution, Half Acre, Three Floyds, Pipeworks , Solemn Oath plus live music by Wooly Bullies, The Sueves, Krayola and No Two Waynes (more info)

3/18/14: Animal Kingdom presents: $2 Tunesdays feat: Bad History month, The New Diet, My Dad (more info)

3/15/14: DJ Soul Phonetics

3/12/14: Shugga Records and Dark Matter Coffee on the turntables

3/11/14: Animal Kingdom presents: $2 Tunesdays

3/8/14: DJ Danny Leroy

3/6/14: Bell’s Hopslam Cask vs Tap

3/6/14: Playing Funnies with Colt Cabana (more info)

3/4/13: Animal Kingdom presents: 2 Dolla Holla with The Icebergs and MTV Ghosts (more info)

3/1/14: Chiditarod

2/27/14: The MTV Generation presents (more info)

2/26/14: Live Chiptune Music: The Runaway Five, Diode Milliampere, Saskrotch (more info)

2/25/14: Animal Kingdom presents 2-2-2-Tuesday with The Sueves, Hollow Mountain, Today’s Hits (more info)

2/23/14: Solidarity Presents: The Darkside dark beer festival (more info)

2/23/14: Emporium Olympics Closing Ceremony (more info)

2/22/14: DJ White Owl

2/20/14: Animal Kingdom Presents: Hunters, Bleeding Rainbow, The Funs, Earring, Lemons (more info)

2/7/14-2/23/14: Emporium Olympics (more info)

2/15/14: DJ Soulphonetics

2/8/14: DJ Danny Leroy

2/7/14: Emporium Olympics Opening Ceremony (more info)

2/6/14: Cider Karaoke! (more info)

1/29/14: Live Music by Roostersocks

1/28/14: IFPA Pinball Tournament

1/23/14: Bell’s Hopslam Launch party

1/19/14: Movie night: Tallgrass Brewing and The Drop Box Presents: KILLER WORKOUT (more info)

1/18/14: DJ Set with Dylan Peterson of Chirp Radio

1/16/14: MTV Generation mixing music music videos from the 80s and 90s (more info)

1/15/14: Animal Kingdom Presents NBA JAM: Watch the Bulls on the big screen and then Catch live music by Le Tour and Velocicopter (more info)

1/14/14: Sailor Jerry Rum Birthday Celebration giving away 103 free tattoos (more info)

1/13/14: Open Mic Comedy (more info)

1/10/14: Live music by The O’my’s

1/8/14: Animal Kingdom Presents: Live Music by Gross Pointe and Flesh Panthers

12/31/13: New Year’s Eve featuring Archie Powell and the Exports, The Noise FM, and Hemmingbirds (more info)

12/24/13: IFPA Pinball Tournament presented by Revolution Brewing and Stern Pinball

12/19/13: West Coast Beer Night

12/17/13: Shuga Records Presents Back To Mine Chicago With Dark Matter Coffee & Star Lounge (more info)12/17/13: Shuga Records Presents Back To Mine Chicago With Dark Matter Coffee & Star Lounge (more info)

12/17/13: IGDA presents Holiday Mixer and Mortal Kombat 2 Tournament for Charity (more info)

12/16/13: Comedy Open Mic Mondays

12/12/13: Live Music –> The GameMen (more info)

12/11/13: Animal Kingdom Presents NBA JAM

12/10/13: Illinois Tornado Relief Benefit (more info)

12/6/13: Goose Island Leisure Suit Ale Release Party with live music by Ghost House (more info)

12/5/13: Live Music –>Absolutely Not, Bleach Party, Peekaboos, and Hot Hands (more info)

12/4/13: The Down Low Cinema (more info)

12/3/13: ONXRT CD Release Party featuring Shemekia Copeland! (more info)

12/2/13: Comedy Open Mic Mondays

11/30/13: DJ White Owl

11/26/13: IFPA Pinball Tournament presented by Revolution Brewing and Stern Pinball

11/26/13: Animal Kingdom Presents Heavy Times, Twin Peaks and Uh Bones (more info)

11/25/13: Live Music –> Deth Warrant / Little Dave Merriman / The Sky We Scrape (more info)

11/21/13: MTV Generation Presents DJ Risky Bizness and DJ Sean Doe mixing music videos fromt he 80s and 90s on our 20′ screen

11/16/13: WPB Chamber of Commerce present: Chill Fest (more info)

11/14/13: Transit Tees After Party Featuring Live Music by The Rewrites

11/14/13: Feed You Feed Social Media Panel Discussion (more info)

11/13/13: The Logan Square International Film Series Presents: Drunken Wu Tang (more info)

11/9/13: Live Music: Press Start! featuring Arc Impulse, Super Guitar Brothers, and Playing With Power (more info)

11/6/13: Craft Whiskey/Spirits Night (more info)

11/3/13: Chicago Loot Drop Presents Tokens and Tankards (more info)

11/1/13: Halloween Hangover with Chirp Radio’s DJ Dylan Peterson (more info)

10/31/13: Halloween Spectacular featuring Mucca Pazza, Mark the Knife, DJ RIsky Business and Sean Doe. (more info)

10/30/13: Local Option Brewery Night Featuring: Jar’d Loose / In the Weeds/ Blackbeard (more info)

10/29/13: Animal Kingdom Presents Bulls Opening Night Party with Live Music by Today’s Hits and Ne-Hi (more info)

10/24/13: Atlas Brewing Video Game/Beer Pairings (more info)

10/18/13: Pinball Expo / Star Trek Lauch Party at Westin Hotel in Wheeling (more info)

10/16/13: Horror Fest Kickoff Party (more info)

10/9/13: FIGHT NIGHT! Mortal Kombat 2 / Street Fighter 2 Tournament (more info)

10/3/13: Pumpktoberfest Harvest Beer Night (more info)

9/15/13: Riot Fest Afterparty featuring Surprise Special Guests

9/8/13: NFL Opening Day on the Big Screen

8/29/13: Michigan Beer Night

8/21/13: Few Spirits Night

8/14/13: Creepy Uncle Joe’s Basement Party (Solemn Oath Beer Event)

8/1/13: PIVVOT Lauch Party

7/27-28/13: Wicker Park Fest!

7/23/13: IFPA Pinball Tournament

6/19/13: 1 Year Anniversary party

6/7/13: Stern Pinball Metallica Launch Party

5/21/13: Craft Beer Week Tournament (more info)

5/1/13: NBA Jam Tournament (more info)

4/27/13: Beer 1UP (more info)

4/18/13: East Coast Beer Night (more info)

4/16/13: Street Fighter 2 Tournament (more info)

3/29/13: Game of Thrones (more info)

3/28/13: Colorado Beer Night (more info)

2/26/13: Indie City Arcade Launch Party 7 PM (more info)

2/24/13: Dark Side Beer Festival (more info)

2/22/13: Stern Avengers Pinball Launch Party (more info)

1/17/2013: Lagunitas / Solemn Oath Beer night (more info)

12/31/12: New Year’s Eve (more info)

12/13/2012: Two Brothers Beer Night (more info)

11/15/2012: Duck Duck GOOSE (more info)

10/31/12: HALLOWEEN PARTY Video Game Costume Contest (more info)

10/30/12 6:30 PM: NBA Opening night NBA JAM Tournament (more info)

7/27/12-8/12/12: Emporium Olympics